Specialty Care

CampusCare Health Center Physicians are responsible for coordinating covered Members’ healthcare needs and maintaining medical records. A CampusCare Health Center Physician is the first person a Member should contact whether for routine care, illness, injury, urgent or Emergency Care. CampusCare Health Center Physicians are your primary care physicians, NOT specialty doctors. All Members must make an appointment with one of the CampusCare Health Center Primary Care Physicians to receive authorization or a referral, before seeking care with a specialty physician in order to be covered under the CampusCare benefits. There are no exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions.

Please remember, covered services must be provided or authorized by a CampusCare Health Center Physician unless they meet the Emergency Care guidelines as defined in the CampusCare Certificate of Coverage. Referrals are required for authorized services provided outside a CampusCare Health Center. Unauthorized services provided elsewhere are the enrolled Member’s full financial responsibility.

For additional information about benefits, limitations, and exclusions please refer to the CampusCare Certificate of Coverage.