Summer Coverage

ALL STUDENTS, regardless of registration status, need to complete and submit a Summer Continuation Form during the Enrollment Period in order to continue CampusCare coverage through the Summer term.

All students registering for the Summer term (4 or 8 week Summer Session), without an approved waiver on file, will be automatically enrolled into CampusCare and charged the Summer fee. These students should complete and submit a Summer Continuation Form in order to ensure coverage.

Students that are NOT taking summer classes or are graduating, and have CampusCare coverage for the Spring term of that academic year, are able to continue CampusCare coverage through the Summer by completing and submitting a Summer Continuation Form by the Enrollment Period Deadline Date.

The Summer Continuation Form MUST be completed for all Dependents (children or spouse/civil union partner) in order to continue their coverage through the Summer. **Only Dependents that are covered during the previous Spring term can have coverage through the Summer term if the student is not registering for courses. If your Dependents were not covered during the previous Spring term, we will not accept Dependents for students who are continuing Summer coverage but not registering for classes. The only exceptions are newborns and new marriages/civil unions. There will be an additional charge on your student account for your Dependents.

All registered Summer students have the opportunity to waive out of the program, reinstate benefits, and add/drop Dependents by submitting the appropriate form before the Enrollment Period Deadline Date. **Please note: Online only students will be charged the CampusCare fee for the Summer of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore a waiver must be submitted with your current Health Insurance information to remove our fee.**

If you are not a CampusCare member for the current Spring semester and you also do not register for courses for the Summer you CANNOT complete the Summer Continuation Form nor are you eligible to have coverage through the Summer.

Please review the Fees & Dates section for the deadlines and the coverage dates.

*If you are not registering for courses for the Fall or Spring semester, CampusCare cannot cover you under the program regardless of the circumstance, i.e. medical leave of absence, graduation, etc. You will have to obtain insurance through a private insurance company or through the Affordable Care Act at