CampusCare is an affordable self-funded student health benefit program that has been providing comprehensive health care benefits to eligible enrolled students and their covered dependents at the University of Illinois Chicago, Rockford and Peoria campuses since 2004.

The University of Illinois requires all students be covered by major medical health insurance therefore, provides students with the CampusCare Program Student Health Benefit Program. CampusCare currently qualifies for minimal essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act as a self-funded health benefit program. CampusCare is not a licensed insurance company. The CampusCare fee is automatically assessed along with other tuition and fees to the student account (E-Bill) once the student registers for courses. There is no enrollment form to complete.

Eligible students include all registered Undergraduate, Graduate, and Health Professional students taking at least one class that charges them with tuition and mandatory fees. Eligible fellows working under a T/32 or F/32 grant at UIC are also eligible for CampusCare (to verify if you are eligible please contact your program administrator). To verify if you are a member, students can view the CampusCare charge by going to their student account bill (E-Bill). If you are not charged with the CampusCare Fee you are not a member of CampusCare. “Online only” students and “Option B” students are NOT eligible for CampusCare. **Please note: Online only students will be charged the CampusCare fee for the Summer of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore a waiver must be submitted with your current Health Insurance information to remove our fee.**

CampusCare does not provide an extension of coverage or Cobra policy for Fall or Spring semesters. Students who are taking a leave of absence or graduating cannot continue coverage to the next semester in Fall or Spring. Please refer to the Summer Coverage page for more information regarding your CampusCare coverage options.

Students with comparable health insurance coverage, for example through a legal guardian or an employer, can waive out of the program by submitting the online Waiver Form before the Enrollment Period Deadline Date.

Please Note: CampusCare is your health benefits coverage program, we are NOT a clinic where you can obtain medical services. Please contact Family Medicine for all appointments, medical issues, or medical questions.

Important features of the CampusCare program:

  • All covered services must be provided or authorized by a CampusCare Health Center Provider, unless they meet the Medical Emergency guidelines as stated in the Certificate of Coverage or obtain a preauthorized referral by the CampusCare Medical Director or designee.
  • All services provided outside a designated CampusCare Health Center require an authorized referral prior to receiving services. Referrals will not cover services retroactively.
  • Unauthorized services provided elsewhere are the enrolled member’s full financial responsibility.
  • CampusCare is considered a secondary payer to all health insurance plans, except in the case a member has Medicaid/Public Aid, then CampusCare will be the primary payer. In all cases CampusCare will only provide payment as stated in the Certificate of Coverage.

CampusCare Coverage

Students have an opportunity to waive out of the program, reinstate benefits, enroll/drop dependents by submitting the appropriate online forms before the Enrollment Period Deadline Date at the beginning of each semester.

Please click on the following for further information:

Student Member
To be eligible to enroll in CampusCare , an individual must be a registered student of UIC that is taking at least one class that charges you with tuition and fees. A student is eligible to enroll in CampusCare for the Summer Term (without taking classes) if he or she was enrolled during the previous Spring Term and pays the premium. A student employed at UIC is eligible to enroll in CampusCare only if he or she is ineligible for any State of Illinois insurance benefits.

Dependent Coverage
CampusCare Members have the option to cover their Dependents. Additional premium charges will be billed to the student’s account along with the Member’s premium for each Dependent accordingly. Please view our Dates & Fees section to locate current semester Dependent rates.

Eligible Dependents must be either the Member’s:

  • Spouse (Marriage License must be provided)
  • Civil Union Partner (Civil Union Partnership Certificate must be provided)
  • Dependent child under the age of twenty six (26), including a natural or legally adopted child as well as a child for whom the Subscriber or his/her spouse is the legal guardian. (Birth Certificate, Hospital Footprint Certificate, Adoption or Legal Guardianship Papers must be provided).

Visit the Dependents Information page for further information

**Please note that all international Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates must be translated to English.**

Waiving Coverage
CampusCare allows students who currently have major medical insurance of their own to waive the CampusCare Student Health Benefit program fee. Beginning Fall 2014, Students MUST fill out a waiver at the beginning of every academic year in order for the CampusCare charge to be removed from their student account. All students who have an approved waiver on file prior to Fall 2014 will continue to have a permanent waiver on their student account and do not need to resubmit a waiver.

Visit the Waiver & Reinstatements Form page for further information

Reinstatement of Benefits
CampusCare allows all registered students to reinstate their CampusCare benefits at any time during the semester. If the Reinstatement Form is filled out after the Enrollment Period Deadline Date for that semester the Member’s first day of coverage will be the day the form is submitted online. CampusCare does not prorate any fees.

Visit the Waiver & Reinstatements Form page for further information

Summer Coverage
*ALL STUDENTS, regardless of registration status, need to complete and submit a Summer Continuation Form during the Enrollment Period in order to continue CampusCare coverage through the Summer term.

All students registering for the Summer term (4 or 8 week Summer Session), without an approved waiver on file, will be automatically enrolled into CampusCare and charged the Summer fee. These students should complete and submit a Summer Continuation Form in order to ensure coverage.

Students that are NOT taking Summer classes or are graduating, and have CampusCare coverage for the Spring term of that academic year, are able to continue CampusCare coverage through the Summer by completing and submitting a Summer Continuation Form by the Enrollment Period Deadline Date.

**Please note: Online only students will be charged the CampusCare fee for the Summer of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore a waiver must be submitted with your current Health Insurance information to remove our fee.**

Visit the Summer Continuation page for further information

Students Who Are:

Registering Late

Students who register late AND after the CampusCare Enrollment Period Deadline Date do NOT have an opportunity to waive coverage or add exisiting Dependents.

The effective date of coverage is the date on which the late registration is entered and processed in the student records system by the Office of Records and Registration.

In Study Abroad Programs

Students studying abroad are required to purchase international health insurance coverage specifically designed to cover services provided outside the United States.

CampusCare only covers health services provided in the United States. In addition to the required international health insurance coverage, students studying abroad must have domestic coverage in order to waive out of CampusCare. CampusCare coverage can be continued during semesters abroad to provide domestic health coverage in the event it is needed.

Students participating in a recognized Study Abroad Program who have not previously waived CampusCare coverage will be automatically enrolled (along with any enrolled dependents) in CampusCare for their term abroad and assessed the Student Health Insurance Fee.

Students who do not wish to have concurrent domestic health benefits coverage under CampusCare during their term abroad must submit a Waiver Form before the Enrollment Period Deadline Date.

Students who previously waived out of CampusCare but wish to have concurrent domestic coverage under CampusCare during their term abroad should submit a Reinstatement Form before the Enrollment Period Deadline Date. Students may also enroll eligible dependents by submitting the Dependent Enrollment Form before the Enrollment Period Deadline Date.

Questions regarding international health insurance coverage may be directed to the UIC Study Abroad Office at 312-413-7662.

Covered CampusCare members have additional emergency medical assistance through the WorldNet Travel Assistance Program when studying abroad. To find out more about services provided under the WorldNet program call 800-290-7602 or visit http://uoi.mymemberinfo.com/insurance-benefits.aspx#3.

Employees of the University who Register for Classes
Employees of the University of Illinois who register for classes and who have an appointment of 50% or higher employment, are NOT eligible for CampusCare, as they are eligible for the State of Illinois health insurance. Employee’s inter-departmental Human Resource Representative must submit these employees to the financial aid office in order for a waiver to be placed on the employee’s student account.

Any employee under 50% employment, that does not have an approved waiver on file, will be charged with the CampusCare fee automatically. These employees must waive out as traditional students if they have their own health insurance.

Visit the Waiver & Reinstatements Form page for further information