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Annual Routine Eye Exam

To make an annual routine eye exam appointment please contact the following:

Chicago: Millennium Park Eye Center – 312-996-2020 or Illinois Eye & Ear Infirmary – 312-996-3937

Rockford: Rockford Health Physicians – 815-971-2000

Peoria: Illinois Eye Center- 309-243-2400

When calling, you should identify yourself as a member of CampusCare provide your UIN, Photo Identification and/or a CampusCare ID Card at every visit.

An annual comprehensive eye examination is covered under your CampusCare Benefits. At the end of your comprehensive examination, the physician will provide a prescription for eyeglasses if you have a need for vision correction.

Please note: A contact lens examination and fitting is an additional fee. Prescriptions for contact lenses can only be given after the physician performs this exam.  The fee associated with these fittings is not covered under your CampusCare benefits and will require payment at time of service. The fee amount varies based on the type of contact lens being fit and if you require instruction for insertion and removal.

Please notify the receptionist upon booking your appointment if you’re requesting both the comprehensive eye exam and the contact lens/eye glass fitting. A copy of your contact lens/eye glass prescription will be provided after this examination to purchase your contact lenses/glasses.

Discounted Vision Program Offered Through United Health Programs

For discounts when purchasing contact lenses and/or eye glasses please contact United Health Programs or call them at 1-800-290-7602. Members and dependents enrolled in CampusCare have access to the following discounted vision program offered through United Health Programs. The discounted vision program is included in on your CampusCare fee.

How to Access Vision Discount Benefit:

1. Print out your ID Card.

2. Call the toll-free Customer Care number on the back of your ID Card 800-290-7602 to locate a participating provider near you or you can use the locate provider button above.

3. Call to make an appointment, once you have located a provider. When contacting the provider, please be sure to tell them you are part of the QVN (Quality Vision Network). If, for any reason, the provider’s office does not recognize the name, contact member services at 800-290-7602 immediately for assistance.

4. Present your ID Card each time you visit your provider’s office.

The Graduate Assistant Dental and Vision Program is provided by the University for Graduate Assistants with an appointment of 25-67% time as a research, teaching or graduate assistant or an appointment to a Graduate College Fellowship that includes a tuition and service fee waiver (e.g., University, Dean’s Scholar, Diversifying Faculty in Illinois ). This program is NOT affiliated with the CampusCare Program. Please view the website at for more information about the Graduate Assistant Dental and Vision Benefits.

Questions regarding eligibility for enrollment or benefit provisions of the Graduate Assistant Dental and Vision Plan should be directed to the Chicago Benefits Service Center at 312-996-7200.