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Dependent Information

CampusCare Members have the option to cover their Dependents. Additional premium charges will be billed to the student’s account along with the Member’s premium for each Dependent accordingly.

Adding Dependents Heading link

Eligible Dependents:

  • Spouse (Marriage License must be provided)
  • Civil Union Partner (Civil Union Partnership Certificate must be provided)
  • Dependent child under the age of twenty six (26), including a natural or legally adopted child as well as a child for whom the Subscriber or his/her spouse is the legal guardian. (Birth Certificate, Hospital Footprint Certificate, Adoption or Legal Guardianship Papers must be provided).

Qualifying Event

If a Member acquires a new dependent after the Enrollment Period Deadline Date, the Member has 31 days from the date of the life event to fill out the Add Dependent Form AND submit the required documentation as listed above. The Member’s student account will be charged with the appropriate Dependent premium Fee for that Term. CampusCare does not prorate any fees. New Dependents are considered the following:

  • New Marriage/Civil Union Partner
  • Newborn/Newly Adopted child

**Please note that all international Marriage Certificates and Birth Certificates must be translated to English. Passports will NOT be accepted as proof of documentation.**

Steps to Add a Dependent:

  1. Sign in using the student’s net ID and password
  2. Click “Add Dependent for (Semester/Year)”
  3. Enter Dependent’s information
  4. Upload appropriate documentation (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc)
  5. Check the box that you understand your account will be charged
  6. Click “Submit”

Dropping Dependents Heading link

Please note that Dependents coverage and charges will continue over from semester to semester (provided the student continues as a Member of CampusCare) unless a Drop Dependent Form is submitted prior to the deadline date for the semester.

Steps to Drop a Dependent:

  • Sign in using the student’s net ID and password
  • Click “Drop Dependent for (Semester/Year)”
  • Select Dependent to drop
  • Click “Submit”

Adding Dependent After Loss of Coverage Heading link

In the case that the policy holder for the insurance which covered the student and dependents has terminated, the student and their dependents are able to reinstate into the CampusCare program after the Enrollment Period. An electronic Dependent add form and a Letter of Credible Coverage from the insurance company stating termination of coverage for the dependent along with the marriage certificate, civil union partnership certificate, birth certificate, hospital footprint certificate, and/or adoption or legal guardianship papers needs to be sent to the CampusCare administration office. The Dependent’s effective date will be the date CampusCare administration receives all necessary documentation and verifies eligibility. The student of UIC must submit a reinstatement form electronically in order to be covered by CampusCare and for any dependents to be added. The student’s coverage will begin the day the electronic reinstatement form is submitted.