Eligible Students
Eligible students include all registered Undergraduate, Graduate, and Health Professional students taking at least one class that charges them with tuition and mandatory fees. Eligible fellows working under a T/32 or F/32 grant at UIC are also eligible for CampusCare (to verify if you are eligible please contact your program administrator). To verify if you are a member, students can view the CampusCare charge by going to their student account bill (E-Bill). If you are not charged with the CampusCare Fee you are not a member of CampusCare. “Online only” students and “Option B” student are NOT eligible for CampusCare. **Please note: Online only students will be charged the CampusCare fee for the Summer of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore a waiver must be submitted with your current Health Insurance information to remove our fee.**

Students turning 26 or Losing Their Current Health Insurance
If you are turning 26 years old or are going to lose your current health insurance coverage while enrolled in classes you will need to reinstate into the CampusCare program unless you maintain health insurance through another carrier. As a registered student enrolled in classes, you are able to reinstate back into the CampusCare program at any time during the semester. We do not prorate fees as our premium is based per semester. If you reinstate during the open enrollment deadline date, your CampusCare coverage start date will be the first day of the semester under the dates and fees section of our website. If you reinstate after the open enrollment deadline date your coverage will start on the date you submitted your reinstatement through the CampusCare website.

CampusCare Extension of Coverage
CampusCare does not provide an extension of coverage or Cobra policy for Fall or Spring semesters. Students who are taking a leave of absence or graduating cannot continue coverage through Fall or Spring semester. Please refer to the Summer Coverage page for more information regarding your CampusCare coverage options.

University of Illinois Employees Who Register for Classes
Employees of University who have an appointment of 50% or higher employment are NOT eligible for CampusCare. Employee’s inter-departmental Human Resource Representative must submit all employees of 50% or higher to the financial aid office in order for a waiver to be placed on the employee’s account.

Any employee under 50% employment, that does not have an approved waiver on file, will be charged with the CampusCare fee automatically. These employees must waive out as traditional students if they have their own health insurance.

Visit the Waiver & Reinstatement Form page for further information