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Waiver & Reinstatement Forms

Students are automatically enrolled in CampusCare and assessed the CampusCare fee on their tuition account along with mandatory fees. Students have the option of waiving CampusCare by showing proof of current insurance prior to the deadline date for the semester. If a student waives CampusCare for a semester and wishes to have CampusCare coverage, the student can reinstate into the CampusCare program, provided they are registered for courses.

CampusCare allows students who currently have major medical insurance of their own to waive the CampusCare Student Health Benefit fee. Beginning Fall 2014, Students MUST fill out a waiver at the beginning of every academic year in order for the CampusCare charge to be removed from their student account. All students who have an approved waiver on file prior to Fall 2014 will continue to have a permanent waiver on their student account and do not need to resubmit a waiver.  Please refer to the Dates & Fees page for more information.

Students who miss the Fall deadline of each academic year will have to pay the CampusCare premium for that semester, but do have the option of waiving coverage during the Enrollment Period for the Spring semester. All waivers, regardless of which semester they were submitted, will be removed at the beginning of every academic year. Once you submit a waiver you will receive a confirmation number via email to your UIC email address. Your waiver will be processed within 3-5 business days and you will receive an email stating whether it was approved or denied. It will take 7-10 business days for the waiver to take effect on your student account if approved.

Students who register late after the CampusCare Enrollment Period Deadline Date have 14 days from their effective date to waive coverage or add existing Dependents. The effective date of coverage is the date on which the late registration is entered and processed in the student records system by the Office of Records and Registration.

Steps to Waive:

  1. Sign in using the student’s net ID and password
  2. Click “Request a wavier for (Semester/Year)”
  3. Enter student’s active insurance information
  4. Check box that states “I have read the CampusCare waiver shown above”
  5. Click “Submit”
  6. Check UIC email for tracking number. If you do not receive a tracking number, then your waiver was not successfully submitted.

**If you do not have your insurance card, you can call your insurance company to obtain the information needed to fill out the waiver form. We DO NOT require a copy of your insurance card.**


CampusCare allows all registered students to reinstate their CampusCare benefits at any time during the semester. If a Reinstatement form is submitted electronically before the enrollment period deadline date, the Member’s eligibilty date will be the first day of that semester’s coverage period. If a Reinstatement Form is submitted electronically after the Enrollment Period deadline date the Member’s eligibility date will be the date the form is submitted. CampusCare does not prorate any fees. Please refer to the Dates & Fees page for more information.

Steps to Reinstate:

  • Sign in using the student’s net ID and password
  • Click “Request Reinstatement for (Semester/Year)”
  • Check the box that states “I have read and understand the above reinstatement details”
  • Click “Submit”
  • Click “OK” on the pop-up box verifying your request